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Welcome! I am delighted to see you. Come on in 

and join us on our healing journey.  

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A Long Walk....Journey to Self.  

Call us at 404 -436- 1032

Soothing Scented Candles

Breathe in deeply and enjoy the soothing scents of our nature friendly candles.

Scents such as :- 

White Birch- Eucalyptus/Mint/Cypress/Pine/Tonka/Bean/Smoke

No Limit- Green Cucumber/Melon/Asian Pear/Fresh Cassava Melon/Green Palm/Pink Freesia/wildflowers

Meditation- Sage/Calming palo Santo/Smokey vetiver/Madagascar vanilla/Cinnamon leaf/Sandalwood

Eucalyptus & Mint- Eucalyptus and Mint

Just Breathe In- A mixture of wonderful herbs too many to list

Pricing chart and details coming soon!